With only 2 meetings this November that were weeks apart, I almost felt like we did not have any elective classes, maybe without writing these blogs it would feel even more real, nevertheless, I still admire our professor because she does not lose her energy in teaching even with only 2 meetings left this semester or maybe 3?

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IS-ELEC1B – Sept 3

On the third day of September, I felt mixed emotions. I felt great because we got dismissed an hour early which gave me time to study for our Math103 quiz but at the same time, something happened which made me anxious. Another reason I was happy was because I woke up early and got to school 15 minutes before the bell rang, it gave me time to refresh my knowledge for our second quiz. Continue reading →

IS-ELEC1B – First Quiz and Major Project Presentation (Aug 27)

What is the full name of your course IS-ELEC1B?

Business Process Outsourcing? No. Introduction to Business Process Outsourcing? (I thought this was the right answer though) Hell, no. This was a question from our quiz that almost all of us did not know the answer, others even tried to enter their whole name which was pretty funny. If you want to know the right answer, you might want to read this until the end. Continue reading →

IS-ELEC1B – Birthday Card Activity (Aug 20)

Starting a blog is definitely a new kind of pastime for me as I grew up being a private person. So just like every other rooks, I searched for something that would help me and I saw this The 12 Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Blog.

About our activity last week, it was some sort of team building activity to boost our knowledge on what’s happening inside a company. Continue reading →